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Dental Implants

When you want the top name in San Antonio dental implants, pay a visit to the office of Brice Family Dentistry, and see how easy it is to give your smile the perfect makeover. We understand the important role that attractive, healthy teeth play in not only how you’re perceived by others, but how you feel about yourself. For decades, the only solution to the embarrassment of broken or missing teeth was to deal with crowns, bridges, and dentures, temporary solutions that often interfere with the active lifestyle, and lead to feelings of awkwardness or self-consciousness when eating out with friends, or meeting co-workers for drinks.

The technology behind the implant is simple, convenient, and has become more affordable and accessible to the average patient than ever before. A custom-designed prosthetic tooth made to match the shape and color of your natural teeth is attached to the jaw through the use of a small titanium rod. Over time, the rod fuses with your jawbone, making the implant as much of a natural part of your smile as the teeth with which you were born. Not only will others not be able to spot the implanted tooth, even you’ll forget it’s there!

Why choose Brice Family Dentistry for your dental implants?

If you’re ready to bring the benefits of San Antonio dental implants into your life, come to the office of Brice Family Dentistry, for skilled and compassionate dental care designed to help you make the most of your smile, and your life. The process is simple, relatively painless, and most patients are ideal candidates. The best part is that dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth, and with proper care, will stay with you for the rest of your life. Call today for a consultation, and see how dental implants can turn your life around, giving you the freedom and confidence you deserve.

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