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Full Mouth Reconstruction – San Antonio, TX

Rebuild Your Smile with
Restorative Experts

Whether you are getting your smile restored for the very first time or you need to have precious dental work repaired or replaced, full mouth reconstructions can help you achieve optimal oral health while making sure your smile looks the way you prefer it to. At Brice Dental, we’re not afraid of taking on complex cases, especially when it comes to repairing and replacing teeth damaged by decay, gum disease or physical injury. If you’re in need of complex restoration and want a dedicated and detailed team to play a role, don’t wait to call our dental office today and get started rebuilding your smile from the ground up with full mouth reconstruction in San Antonio, TX!

Why Choose Brice Dental for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

  • Natural-Looking, High-Quality Dental Materials
  • Long-Term Dental Team Working Together for 20+ Years
  • Replace Any Number of Teeth with Dental Implants

Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction Right for You?

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Full mouth reconstructions are truly comprehensive treatments custom-designed to address all of your functional and aesthetic dental needs. We typically recommend this service for our patients who are suffering from several dental issues that they want to address all at once. Whether you want to get your smile ready for a big upcoming event or finally taking the leap to invest in your wellbeing, our team will design your full mouth reconstruction to make your dream grin come to life.

The Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

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When you arrive for your consultation, Dr. Brice performs a highly comprehensive examination. This includes examining your teeth, hard and soft tissues, joints, and muscles. He also pays attention to your occlusion, which is the way your bite comes together. After determining which teeth need to be repaired and replaced, our team will start discussing a treatment plan with you.

Full mouth reconstructions typically include multiple visits and phases of treatment which can take several months to complete. However, once all is said and done and your crowns, implants, or other restorations are designed and placed, you’ll be able to smile with confidence, enjoy a balanced diet, and speak with ease again.

Understanding the Cost of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Each full mouth reconstruction that we do is customized to fit your unique needs, so there’s no set cost for this procedure. The pricing will depend on a number of factors that we’ll be able to determine once we’ve examined your mouth, like how many and what types of treatments we’ll include in your plan. We’ll also speak with you about your payment options. Not only do we accept all PPO dental insurance plans, but we also partner with trusted financers like CareCredit and LendingClub so you can fit the cost of your full mouth reconstruction into your monthly budget.

Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

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If you’re thinking about having a full mouth reconstruction performed, then there are likely multiple issues in your mouth that you want to address. Our team is here to help meet all of your dental needs while making sure you’re comfortable every step of the way. You should feel fully informed about what a full mouth reconstruction entails, so feel free to call us if you have any questions. First, though, you can check to see if the information you need is included in the FAQs below.

How Long Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure Take?

Naturally, there are several factors that we’ll need to consider before we can answer this question. For example, the number of teeth being treated and the specific services you need can potentially have an impact on the overall timeline of the reconstruction process. Furthermore, while certain procedures can be completed at the same time, in other cases you may have to wait to have specific treatments done. We can give you a more specific idea of how long you can expect your full mouth reconstruction to take after we complete an examination of your mouth and create a potential treatment plan.

How Long Will My Full Mouth Reconstruction Results Last?

There are many different treatments that can potentially be involved in a full mouth reconstruction, and some of them last longer than others. That said, if you want to keep the overall results for as long as possible, then you need to take proper care of your smile by:

  • Brushing at least two times every day.
  • Flossing daily.
  • Staying away from foods known to damage teeth.
  • Avoiding dark-colored beverages that can cause tooth stains.
  • Calling our office as soon as troublesome symptoms like tooth pain occur.

Can I Get a Full Mouth Reconstruction if I Smoke?

It may still be possible to undergo a full mouth reconstruction if you smoke, but your dentist will need to make that decision based on your unique case. You should typically plan on giving up tobacco products for at least a few weeks before and after your treatment. This is to ensure that your mouth is able to heal properly. Remember that you can always talk to your doctor if you have trouble quitting smoking on your own.

I’ve Had a Full Mouth Reconstruction – Is There Anything I Can’t Eat?

After certain procedures, you may be told to only eat soft foods for a while; you should be able to return to a normal diet after your mouth has sufficiently recovered. Generally speaking, once your damaged teeth have been properly restored, they’ll be strong enough to handle all kinds of foods again. Of course, if you want to protect your newly restored oral health, you should be careful around candy and other sugary foods that might lead to cavities.