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Tooth Extractions – San Antonio, TX

Safe Extractions with Experts
By Your Side

While Dr. Brice does not make tooth extractions a high priority, he is able to perform them if they are absolutely needed. There are many reasons for extracting teeth, but the most common is typically extensive tooth decay that has damaged too much of the tooth in the process. Regardless of the cause, our team will take the time to address your needs, make you feel comfortable, and explain in detail why we may recommend a tooth extraction. Call our office to learn more or take care of a problematic tooth!

Why Choose Brice Dental for Tooth Extractions?

  • Digital X-Ray and Cone Beam Scanner Technology
  • Dentist Never Forces Treatment on Patients
  • Extremely Passionate Team Ready to Meet Your Needs

Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Patient in need of tooth extraction holding jaw

If you notice severe pain and discomfort in your tooth, it could mean that significant decay is present and further examination is needed. It could also mean that an infection has developed, which could be managed by a root canal rather than a full-blown extraction. Tooth decay and infections can spread quickly, and if there’s no way to save the tooth, we will remove it to protect the rest of your smile. Alternatively, if you sustained a severe oral injury that left your tooth partially or fully knocked-out, we may need to remove it.