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Replacing Missing Teeth – San Antonio, TX

Learn How We can Restore Your Smile

Tens of millions of Americans are missing teeth, but that doesn’t mean you should have to settle for an incomplete smile. Dr. Brice offers multiple solutions to tooth loss that are highly personalized to your exact needs. Whether you need to replace single teeth or multiple teeth in your arch, you can expect a dentist and team that doesn’t need to refer to specialists or sending you out to another office. Call Brice Dental to get started!

Why Choose Brice Dental for Replacing Missing Teeth?

  • Natural-Looking Materials for All Restorations
  • Advanced Cone Beam Scanner Available
  • In-House Placement for Dental Implants

Dental Bridges

Model smile with dental bridge restoration

When you have one or more consecutive missing teeth, a complex bridge made up of multiple crowns can be created. This bridge is equipped with three to four crowns, with the crowns on either end being hollowed out so they can be placed on top of existing natural teeth. The restorations that sit in the middle of the bridge are designed to fill the gap in your smile, preventing teeth from shifting out of place and giving you the confidence to eat a balanced meal.

Dentures & Partials

Four types of dentures

If you are missing several teeth on opposite sides of your mouth or all the teeth in your top or bottom arch, we can design a comfortable and long-lasting denture made from gum- and tooth-colored materials. Partial dentures are meant to fit much like a puzzle piece, wrapping around existing teeth to remain stable, while full dentures rely on the natural suction of your mouth and denture adhesive (at least in the beginning) to stay in place.

Learn More About Dentures

Dental Implants

Animated parts of the dental implant

One of the most comprehensive solutions for tooth replacement includes dental implants, mainly because of their integration with bone and gum tissue. Designed to last several decades, dental implants are ideal for those looking for a replacement tooth that mimics teeth closer than any other option. Not only do dental implants provide the functions you’re used to, but they do not require removal of existing tooth enamel to place. During your consultation, we’ll confirm if treatment is right for you and develop a plan that addresses your specific needs.

Learn More About Dental Implants