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How Dental Implants Work – San Antonio, TX

How a Healthier Smile is Formed

If you’ve ever wondered how dental implants work in San Antonio, you’ll be pleased to learn the team at Brice Dental are here to provide a clear explanation. Their commitment to improving smiles through the process of dental implant placement has allowed a multitude of patients to enjoy life-changing results. If you are interested in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, we invite you to review the information below that details what you can expect from the moment you sit down with Dr. Brice during your initial consultation until you receive your final restoration. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today.

Initial Dental Implant Consultation

An older woman pointing to her new and improved smile after learning how dental implants work in San Antonio and having them placed

The initial consultation you will schedule with Dr. Brice will require you to spend ample time allowing him to examine your smile as well as formulate a personalized treatment plan. From looking at your teeth to reviewing digital X-Rays and a 3D high-resolution image of your oral and facial structures captured by an advanced cone beam scanner, he will determine if you are a qualified candidate before moving forward with a designated treatment plan.

Dental Implant Surgery

A CT/Cone Beam Scanner capturing a female patient’s oral and facial structures

If you do not require a bone graft or another pre-implant dental procedure (i.e. tooth extraction), Dr. Brice will perform the implant surgical procedure in-house, allowing you to remain with a familiar team from start to finish. During this process, your implant dentist in San Antonio will make one or more small incisions in your gums before placing each implant into the jawbone. After closing the gum tissue, you will return home to recover for 3-6 months.

Dental Implant Osseointegration & Abutment

An oral surgeon performing an implant placement on a patient

During your recovery phase at home, osseointegration must occur. This is the process in which your dental implants in San Antonio will fuse with the bone and surrounding tissues. You must allow enough time to pass before moving on to the next phase of treatment, which is the placement of your metal abutment(s). Once you are fully healed, you will have your abutments put into place, which are small connector appliances that fit on top of the implant and connect to the custom restoration, holding it in place.

Placement of Dental Implant Restorations

A digital image of a dental implant in the lower arch receiving a metal abutment

After receiving your metal abutments, you will receive the final restoration. This can be a dental crown, implant bridge, or implant-retained denture. The number of implants you receive will determine the type of restoration you will have created. Once it is ready for placement, Dr. Brice and our team will examine the prosthetic to ensure it looks natural before securing it into place, making sure it fits properly and is comfortable in your mouth.